Radio Control

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Massoth DiMAX Feedback Transmitter

Used to connect your Massoth Feedback Module (817001) to the DiMAX bus without wires.
From €69.76

Massoth DiMAX Multi Receiver

Operate your DiMAX Navigator with central stations of other manufacturers by using the DiMAX Multi Receiver. The DiMAX Multi Receiver supports bus systems of LocoNet© and XpressNet. You may operate the DiMAX Navigator with cental stations of Digitrax©, Uhlenbrock©, Piko©, Fleischmann©, Lenz© and Roco©.

Massoth DiMAX Navigator Transmitter

Retro fit transmitter for wired DiMAX Navigators.
From €69.76

Massoth DiMAX Receiver II

DiMAX Receiver II for DiMAX and MTS III
From €110.26

Tam Valley Depot DRS1 Hi Power Receiver

Dead Rail System Hi Power receiver.

Tam Valley Depot DRS1 MkII Transmitter

Dead Rail System transmitter.