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Massoth Catalogue 2019

Massoth Product Catalogue with the full range of products and the new items 2019.

Massoth Wireless Conversion Set 2.5GHz

New 2.4GHz receiver and a transmitter for one Navigator.

Massoth DiMAX Receiver 2.4 GHz

The new DiMAX radio receiver with its 2.4GHz is international and can be used worldwide.

Massoth DiMAX Transmitter2.4 GHz

Convert your existing Navigators to 2.4 GHz radio control.

Massoth DiMAX Navigator Wireless 2.4 GHz

DiMAX Navigator - wireless connection - 2.4 GHz.


Massoth eMotion 8FS II Servo Decoder

Decoder designed to operate servos.

Massoth DiMAX ITC/IR Starter Set 2.0

DiMAX ITC/IR Starter Set 2.0

Massoth Service Stick

Contains the current full version of the Massoth Service Tool including all available sound projects, firmware files and decoder profiles as well as manuals and brochures.