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Massoth Train Destination Display

The new programmable Train-Destination-Display is the perfect addition for your passenger coaches and railcars.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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SKU: me8161102
Manufacturer part number: 8161102

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce a major new item for this fall:
The Train-Destination-Display may be operated in digital (DCC) and analog mode.
The factory default settings are set to operate the display in the RhB ALLEGRA.
The display comes in the required housing which makes it easy to mount it into the ALLEGRA train but also many other cars (modification required).
It simply connects to track power for operation. Round about 400 station names (single line display and two line display available) and 18 images from major narrow gauge and regular gauge stations are preconfigured (worldwide, for example Germany, Switzerland, USA, etc.) and can be accessed by function keys when assigned by CV programming.
The display also supports the brand new binary state functions as well as a stepping feature and contact operation.
Besides a variety of special display information as „Güterzug“, „Werksfahrt“, „Arbeitszug“, etc. some event texts are included, such as „Happy Birthday“, „Merry Christmas“, „Happy New Year“, etc.
The display also supports a clock display (digital and analog), both in real time and model time.
Still not enough? You may even programm your own station names to display.



Overview of the properties from the Train-Destination-Display:

  • Easy track connection
  • Usable in digital and analog mode (analog only with Powercap micro)
  • Apr. 400 given station names and special texts available
  • Station names from Germany, Switzerland, USA and more
  • 18 pictures of known railways and special symbols
  • 10 free programmable texts
  • Digital and analog watch (Model- and realtime)
  • Centering the text left, right justified or centered (centrally without image)
  • Event-controlled activation over contact and infrared interface possible
  • Activation at station stop
  • Step through function
  • Activation with F-key
  • Binary State activation
  • Analog only with contact triggering, infrared and station stop
  • Display rotatable by 180°
  • 2 Contact inputs
  • 2 Light outputs (each 100mAmps)

Dimensions: 83 x 28 x 10 mm
Supplied in a 2-pack with 50 cm track connection cable.