Massoth Rolling Road (G Gauge)

rolling road for G-gauge. Test your locomotive on the roller stands after a service or after remodeling. Have your favorite locomotive run on the roller stands on your shelf, enjoy the slow movement of the wheels and the connecting rods.
Manufacturer: Massoth


This is the "First Class" display mechanism to present your G-Gauge or 1-Gauge locomotive in a window display or collector's showcase. It is also an excellent tool for testing purposes in your workshop, designed for analog and digital control. Redesigned from scratch the Rolling Road G-Gauge features slim blue or red-transparent plastic bodies made in Germany. The red Rolling Road is illuminated with 4 LED's from inside.

The patented Rolling Road System features a custom-made guiding wheel technology that guarantees the best running characteristics for all locomotives. Carbon dust originating from a locomotive's carbon pick-up brushes or the burn off of ambient dust as carbon deposits/dust can be removed easily from the stainless steel guiding wheels by dipping them into cleaning fluid or by vacuuming. Just use a single drop of oil to coat the guiding wheels after cleaning. This design is superior to ball bearing units. Wheel supports are firmly positioned on the tracks, even in curves. Repositioning is so easy. A highlight of this design is the 3°- tilt of the guiding wheel surface according to NEM (European Model Railroad Standard) standards.

The G-Gauge Rolling Road Set contains:

  • 2 single-axle supports
  • 1 support for power shoes

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