Massoth Rail Bender II

Patented Rail Bender for G-Gauge. All flexible tracks available conforming to code 332 may be handled (e.g. LGB©, LEBU©, ARISTOCRAFT©, THIEL©), as well as all kinds of material (brass, stainless steel, etc.). The Rail Bender bends both rails at the same time.
Manufacturer: Massoth

New design.

Bend your flexible rail track sections easily and in seconds. Entire track sections can be bent in their total length including the track bed with minimum force! A special bending technology bends both rails at the same time. A specially designed lever mechanism allows you to adjust to almost any desired track radius. The lever mechanism is very easy to use and allows fast and precise adjustment even with rails inserted into the complete track sections. The smallest radius possible is 30cm (1foot) which corresponds to 60cm (2feet) track diameter. This small radius may be used for "Feldbahn" trains (Industrial Field Railway) which were and are used to transport lumber, coal, salt or other goods. These tracks were light weight and can be rearranged in minutes if necessary. Two easily readable adjustment scales ensure precise adjustment of the bending mechanism. Readjusting or rebending previously bent track is easily accomplished with the Massoth Track Bender as well.

The Massoth Track Bender is manufactured with custom made ball bearings that guide and position the rails during the bending process. To provide easy sliding the tracks are additionally guided by plastic screws. An extra set of plastic screws is supplied.

The Massoth Track Bender is manufactured for all Code 332 rails which includes LGB, Aristocraft, LEBU and the GartenbahnTeam-Track.

The Massoth Track Bender is patented and is claimed by professional layout builders to be the most important tool in their tool boxes.

Massoth Rail Bender II
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