Massoth Pantograph Drive

Pantograph Drive mechanism.
Manufacturer: Massoth

This motor drive operates single arm and scissor pantographs and may retrofit in LGB locomotives with a sophisticated system. This drive is not limited to single arm pantographs of the known Ge 4/4 II and Ge 4/4 III. This brand new developed drive has been developed to also support scissors pantographs. So retrofitting a LGB Crocodile (2040x) or Schüüftrückerli (2045x) and others is now possible. Of course old and defective drives can be replaced as well. A special feature is the pleasantly slow and intuitive speed when the pantographs go up and down. Here they are not jumping like a pocket knife. And thanks to the integrated spring mechanism, the pantograph can be manually raised or lowered without damaging the mechanism. It is connected via a function output of a decoder using FAx(-), DEC(+) and DEC(-) and may be operated from almost any regular locomotive of function decoder. With the four screw holes, the drive is mounted in the roof, an adapter plate is included for LGB locomotives with the classic, large drives. Locomotives that do not have a pantograph mountings in the roof must be modified accordingly.

Pack of 2.

Picture of Massoth Pantograph Drive Single Arm
Massoth Pantograph Drive Single Arm
Drive for single arm pantograph (2/pack).
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Picture of Massoth Pantograph Drive Scissor
Massoth Pantograph Drive Scissor
Drive for scissor pantographs.
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Manufacturer part number: 8440022