Massoth Pantograph Control Board

Pantograph Control Board
Manufacturer: Massoth
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Manufacturer part number: 8410210

This Pantograph Control Board has an integrated Decoder and supports five operation modes featuring NMRA/DCC, SUSI, LGB-Bus, Marklin-Bus (mfx) and analog operation making any kind of operation requirements possible. It replaced the LGB-system typical Pantograph Adapter as an independent control unit simply to operate the Pantographs when the standard LGB components such as Sound or Decoder are beeing replaced by foreign units. It connects via the Bus connector (LGB Bus, SUSI, mfx) or just with the track, it‘s that simple. It may even be used with the very old LGB 55020 or 55021 Decoders. Thus the operation with all Decoder brands is possible. It features address function mapping up to 28 (instead of a fixed address in LGB locomotives) and is programmed via CV or POM. It comes with all the LGB typical connectors for front, rear, driver‘s cab and control panel lights, bus connection, Pantograph front/rear, catenary power (for analog only) and more.

Some craftsmanship is required though. As most of the Massoth products, this special control board is updateable too.