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Massoth eMotion XL Locomotive Decoder

Powerful 3 Amp driving decoder with 4 Amp maximum load capacity and 8 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with up to two motors.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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Manufacturer part number: 8150001

The eMotion XL loco decoder from Massoth Electronics is a small and especially powerful digital decoder for G scale locomotives. This decoder works perfectly with NMRA DCC systems as well as with the LGB® MTS system. Internal data processing allows for 256 regulating steps regardless of how the decoder is controlled. There is no need to reconfigure your decoder as the system itself recognizes with whom you are connected; whether it is the LGB® MTS or the NRMA DCC. A unique auto detection feature copes with the different data processing procedures of LGB® MTS or NMRA DCC systems. This series supports POM. The intelligent function mapping allows individual and user defined assignment of function addresses to the function connectors of the eMotion XL loco decoder.

In addition this decoder offers three (3) lighting connections for front, rear, and interior lighting. Six additional function connectors are integrated for EG uncoupling functions for several uncoupling types or for RPM generation for analog sound modules.

Summary of the XL Decoder Properties:

  • 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • 10239 addresses
  • 256 internal speed steps
  • Programmable driving characteristics
  • Starting speed, medium speed and maximum speed (with acceleration/deceleration time)
  • Serial and parallel control of all light and function outputs, incl. LGB® P-Sound updates
  • Digital and analog operation with automatic recognition
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC and LGB® MTS (all generations)
  • Latest technology of load control (digital and analog)
  • Adjustable motor frequency
  • 3 light outputs (front, aft, interior) max 0.3 Amps each
  • 6 function outputs (each programmable with special functions) max 0.6 Amps each
  • Light and function outputs may be dimmed and activated in analog mode
  • Programmable blinking light, short-time function, and pulse generator function
  • 2 additional contact inputs (for future functions)
  • Switching speed (with free function mapping)
  • Easy to use function mapping
  • Free command allocation of all function outputs
  • Maximum total load 4 Amps
  • 3 Amps motor power amplifier (usable for 2 motors with 1.5 Amps each)
  • Connector for power buffer (accessory) for smooth running integrated
  • Overload and temperature protection for motor and function outputs
  • Reset function for all CV values
  • Software easy to be updated

Supported Programming Procedures

  • Read CVs
  • Write CVs
  • Write CVs bit by bit
  • Write CVs indirectly (by register programming)
  • Direct register programming (CV1-CV4)
  • PoM = program on main
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