Massoth DiMAX Train Detection Module

Monitor your track sections by the actual track current. In case the DiMAX Train Detection Module detects an electrical load on a track section, the module will report this track section to the PC as "occupied". The DiMAX Feedback Module is needed for the operation of the DiMAX Train Detection Module.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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Manufacturer part number: 8170501

The Train Detection Module is an additional component to the Feedback Module.

The Feedback Module needs to be programmed accordingly. The voltage sensitivity can be adjusted with a dip switch. The Feedback Module and the Train Detection Module are usable for all gauges. The circuit boards of both units are especially treated to withstand the rugged operation in garden railroad environment. The new DiMAX Feedback Module and Train Detection Modules are compatible with all generations of LGB MTS system components and they substitute established LGB© modules (LGB© 55070 and 55075).

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