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Massoth DiMAX Single Channel Switch Decoder II

Small sealed single-channel switch decoder.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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Manufacturer part number: 8156601

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DiMAX Single Channel Switch Decoder II

Small sealed single channel function & switch decoder that operates switches.
Now with 2 programmable contact inputs!
It also controls various generations of LGB® function cars like dump cars and others.

Here are detailed information:

  • 1-channel Switch Decoder
  • Function output for LGB® and PIKO® switch drives
  • 2 programmable contact inputs
  • Digital operation NMRA/DCC for switch- and locoadress
  • extensive programming options
  • waterproof sealing
  • Connecting by cable, no more corrosion of the terminal strip
  • Screwable into the track profiles

If you require the switch address to be pre-programmed, enter your requirments into the Special Requirments box.  Normally there is no additional charge for this.

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