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Massoth DiMAX Reverse Loop Module

Operate your reversing loop without any short term short circuits and extend the lifespan of your DCC components and locomotives considerably. A special highlight: you may operate multiple reversing loops at the same time.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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Manufacturer part number: 8157001

No Short Circuits!
The DiMAX Reverse Loop Module is a high performance unit which is able to handle digital track currents up to 15 AMPS without causing a short circuit. Conventional units cause short term, short circuits when the train enters the loop to trigger a change in the polarity of the track voltage. The new DiMAX Reverse Loop Module avoids just that. The deliberate overload of the Digital Central Station by this method does not exist anymore. The DiMAX Reverse Loop Module extends the lifespan of all components involved considerably.

The DiMAX Reverse Loop Module works with all NMRA/DCC compatible digital systems and depending on the voltage used, handles up to 15 Amps. Current consumption like this can easily be reached with multiple motored G-Scale locomotives or consists of multiple locomotives. The DiMAX Reverse Loop Module may be used in the regular short circuit mode as well. The set includes 8 insulated track connectors and 4 sensing track units.

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