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Massoth DiMAX Multi Function (Braking) Module

Multi Function Module with many features to automate your layout.
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The DiMAX Multi Function Module makes your train slow down and stop in front of a stop signal like a real train! When the signal changes to "go" the train will accelerate and depart smoothly. You can install slow speed sections, make your train stop at a station and make it leave again after a predetermined time. The DiMAX Multi Function Module offers 12 different functions for analog and digital operation. The analog mode functions are:

  • timer controlled stop
  • reversing loop
  • shuttle operation

The digital mode functions are:

  • stopping at programmed stop command
  • stopping at programmed stop command
  • optional stopping or no stopping when passing in the opposite direction
  • Stopping triggered by a stop signal
  • stopping triggered by a signa and no stop in the opposite directionl
  • reduced speed section
  • digital reversing loop
  • powerless holding track
  • block signal operation with stopping or reduced speed section with stopping

All functions may be used two fold or in combination. The DiMAX Multi Function Module can be used with all NMRA compatible systems. The stopping feature is only available with an additional booster supporting the stopping function, e.g. LGB® 55090 or DiMAX 1203B. The function triggering in a stopping section is patented by Massoth Electronics and only available with Massoth Electronics or LGB® boosters.

Note: This item has been previously known as LGB55063 MTS/MZS Braking Module.

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