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Massoth DiMAX 4 Channel Switch Decoder II

4-channel decoder for operating any kind of solenoid operated or motor driven switches. New generation..
Manufacturer: Massoth
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NEW: Big clamps
This is an all purpose 4-channel switch decoder. It operates up to 4 function outputs either by digital signal or by triggered switch (E.g. push button), allowing individual positioning. It is able to operate any kind of solenoid driven switch (2 and 3 wire) as well as switches that are driven by an electric motor. It may also be used to control up 8 light functions.
Four covered contacts may operate switches by manual control as well (signal box or track contacts). Programming is achieved by all common CV programming features, as well as POM.

If you wish us to pre-program the switch addresses please enter your requirements in the Special Instructions box.  Normally there is no charge for this.

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