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Massoth Electronics has set the standard for quality sound systems. First with analog sound systems and more recently with digital sound systems. The growing demand for more sophisticated DCC systems in recent years afforded us the ability to become the leading supplier for DCC systems. Changes and market challenges finally allowed us to develop and offer you directly more sophisticated and diverse items in DCC and other aspects of the growing Large Scale Train Hobby. Items like rail clamps, lighting boards, reverse loop modules, digital boosters, roller stands, and a rail bender unlike any other in that it bends both rails at the same time with both rails in the tie strips.

45 Years of Massoth - 45 Years Made in Gernamy

Yeah, times have changed. Hartmut Massoth developed the first sound module for a garden railway locomotive in 1972 and thus began a long period of close, trusting cooperation between the Richter family and the Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk in Nuremberg (LGB for short) with the Massoth family and Massoth Elektronik GmbH. In 1974 the first product of the company LGB was delivered with an ex works equipped sound electronics from Massoth: The 99 6001 Harzquerbahn steam locomotive “Ballerina” was born. Countless other models with sound and control electronics followed and at the end of the 90s also the digital control technology of the LGB. Christoph Massoth accompanied the digital development of the Gartenbahn both in the field of digital sound – also a world novelty developed by Massoth, as well as DCC. Massoth technology was installed in every digital or sound locomotive from Nuremberg.

At the turn of the millennium the pure supplier company of LGB became the own brand Massoth with a constantly growing product range of technology and accessories around the garden railway. In 1997, Hartmut Massoth patented the rail connector, which is still so popular today, and in the previous year even the practical roller test bench. The DiMAX product range conquered the garden railway and is still indispensable today. On almost every Fair, in every club our blue navigators are in action. In search of the original sounds for our customers, we have already covered many routes and train routes worldwide to collect the sometimes unique recordings.

Even though nowadays most garden railway locomotives are delivered as complete equipment, we promise our customers to make the most beautiful hobby in the world even better with novelties and proven products from German development and production.

- Daniel Massoth

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Massoth BR194 / BR254 / E94 detail parts

Detail parts for the Piko 3743x BR194 / BR254 / E94.
£49.00 £44.00

Massoth BR64 detail parts

Detail parts for the Piko 3721x BR64 steam loco.
£58.00 £53.00

Massoth Catalogue 2019

Massoth Product Catalogue with the full range of products and the new items 2019.
£2.00 £1.50

Massoth Cylinder Steam Module

Additional module for the pulsed smoker.