LGB Pantograph/DUO motor

Replacement motor for LGB pantograph and unloading mechanisms and LGB DUO uncouplers.
Manufacturer: Champex-Linden
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SKU: CL22430
Manufacturer part number: CL22430

This motor is mainly used for Pantographensteuerungen in the RhB locomotives of type Ge 4/4 II (LGB 20420) and Ge 4/4 III (LGB 20430). Also found in the uncouplers of LGB DUO® Locos type 21900/23900 and the LGB-unloading wagons type 41610 and 41615.

Technical specifications:
- 6 Volt nominal voltage
- At idle max. Speed 10,000 rev / min at 0,13A
- Under load at 7700 r / min, torque 0.07 Ncm at 0.31 A

The rated voltage is specified by the manufacturer, with the engine running properly. The motor can be operated with about 6 volts!