Big book of LGB locos. 544 colour pages

Dear readers and LGB fans, in the beginning of 2008 Paolo Zanin and me, Aldo Farneti, both big LGB fans, recognised that there was no books with big Pictures of all LGB Locos. Every time that we needed some informations we had to search or ask some friends. That was the time we decided to “try” to make a book with all the locos appeared and actually produced in LGB Catalog from the beginning in 1968 till today. For the finishing of this book we really have to say thank you to really a lot of friends and LGB fans in different countries. In 2009 I had personally the honor, with the help my friend Dr. Claudio Pesolillo, Director of Galleria Baumgartner in Mendrisio CH (a special man himself and a extraordinary place the Galleria!) to meet Wolfgang Richter... the Creator of LGB. It was a great pleasure for me! He was really impressed by the project and he was glad that “LGB is still alive“. He signed the “first personal edition” of the book on December 4th, 2009. Paolo did the “dirty job”. He read all the LGB Catalogues and defined the list of locos that we had to put on the book... really an amazing job! We then decided to take picture of all locos. Paolo gave me his “list”... a really big loco list. Fortunately I found another friend and LGB fan too: Roberto Turci. He is a professional italian photographer. I asked him to help us to do this enormous job! He answered “yes“, but only at one condition: He only wanted to do it with really professional photos! Ok! We did it! Roberto and I traveled a lot around Europe and The United States to discover all the models of LGB locos. Paolo had the patience to stay in contact with us during all my trips. Thanks in particular to some really good friends like Stefan Schwegler from Stuttgart (D), one of the bigest experts that I know for LGB items. He really know the World of LGB. Thanks also to Jacob Groen and Marco Groen from Big Train World (NL). They really have the biggest LGB shop that I have seen in my life and they are two wonderful persons, that helped us with a lot of models. Thanks to Peter G.T.M. van der Ham for his special help he gave to us. Thanks to Dr. Claudio Pesolillo, Director of Galleria Baumgartner of Mendrisio (CH). We have to thank also to a lot of more people that helped us to publish the book and of course also our “ladies” too! Thanks also to Marklin that they gave us the authorization to use the LGB logo! The book construction is very simple. It is not made in order of LGB code but made from locos typology. There are 3 chapters: Steamlocos, Electriclocos and Diesellocos, and for every chapter the order is for the type of the model – not for code. We think that this is the best way to enjoy our LGB Locos and also to understand the story of these models. All photos are made from original models and they are made in High Definition! Believe us, we are lucky guys... because we have really touched all LGB locos until Summer 2013. We really hope you will enjoy the book and understand the big work that we – Paolo, Roberto and I – did. And if you will discover some mistakes: sorry, we tried to do our best! We will correct them with the next edition. This book is devoted to Wolfgang Richter, who passed away in November 2012. We remember him and his life work. We love LGB trains! Milan, 31 August 2013

Format 30x24 cm Large format Hard book cover Book in English and German.

544pages with more than 500 photos of all LGB Locos in full COLOR print in HD (Hight Definition). All data refer to every LGB Loco that has appeared in Catalog from 1968 to June 2013, weight, size, motors, Dcc or not and Catalog Price. More than 500 items with detailed photos. Including for FREE 2014 Calendar with 12 Special Item.

ISBN 978-88-97336-19-8 Wheight 3,5 Kg

First published in Italy in 2013 by Edizioni Antilia, Treviso http://www.edizioniantilia.it

Copyright © 2013 Aragorn Srl - Trenidagiardino

LGB ® is a trademark property Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH. All rights reserved.

Photo by Roberto Turci http://www.robertoturci.it

Design, setting and editing by Pietro Romanelli http://www.pietroromanelli.it

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LGB Lok Original Book
Includes LGB locos up until June 2013
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LGB Lok 2014 Update
2014 supplement. 32pages of LGB locos that were released from Jun 2013 till June 2014. Includes a LGB Lok 2015 Calendar
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