Feedback Modules

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Massoth DiMAX Feedback Module

The DiMAX Feedback Module is a feedback unit for controlling and monitoring your layout with a PC. The DiMAX Feedback Module monitors 8 feedback contacts and it may be used with DiMAX or MTS systems. A wireless operation is possible.
£46.00 £43.00

Massoth DiMAX Track Contact

Digital Track Contact with a nonwearing Hallsensor for the Feedback- and Train Detection System.
From £26.00

Massoth DiMAX Train Detection Module

Monitor your track sections by the actual track current. In case the DiMAX Train Detection Module detects an electrical load on a track section, the module will report this track section to the PC as "occupied". The DiMAX Feedback Module is needed for the operation of the DiMAX Train Detection Module.

Massoth DiMAX Feedback Transmitter

Feedback transmitter for retrofitting in a DiMAX feedback module for cable-free feedback from the system.