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Massoth eMotion XXL II Locomotive Decoder

Powerful 8 Amps driving decoder with new function mapping. Maximum driving current 10Amps
Manufacturer: Massoth
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Manufacturer part number: 8153001

Powerful 8 Amps Locomotive Decoder with 12 function outputsThis is the decoder with the WOW-factor!
Completely new developed and even more powerful XXL II Loco Decoder with up to 8 amps motor current and 10 amps total current for large locomotives with up to 4 motors.

New Function Mapping
12 Function Outputs
2 Servo Controls
Bus Connection for SUSI
Overload and temperature protection for motor and function outputs.

The eMOTION XXL high-Amperage loco decoder is second to none with its Amperage/size ratio.
The eMOTION XXL is the long sought-after solution to the high Amperage problem in Garden Railroading.
10 Amps peak load and 6 Amps continuous load are the specification highlights of this muscle-decoder.
State-of-the-art high-tech hardware renders the use of common huge and bulky heatsinks useless.

Features of the eMOTION XXL II Loco Decoder:

  • Loco decoder for digital and analog operation
  • 14, 28 and 128 speed steps
  • 6Amps motor output (10 Amps peak)
  • Bus-Interface for SUSI
  • Programmable driving curve
  • Start, mid and maximum speed adjustable (incl. lag times)
  • Parallel data processing for all light and function outputs
  • Digital and analog operation with automatic detection
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC and LGB® MTS
  • Latest generation back-EMF (digital and analog)
  • Adjustable motor frequency
  • 2 light outputs (front, rear) max. 0,5Amps each
  • 10 functions outputs (6 with 0,5Amps, 4 with 10mAmps)
  • 2 Servo controls
  • Dimmable light and function outputs, activatable in analog
  • New function mapping
  • Switching speed and lag times activatable with function key
  • All function outputs freely addressable (F1 to F28 + Binary State)
  • Terminals for power buffer for smooth and steady operation integrated (Item No.: 8151001 or 8151501)
  • Overload and thermal protection for motor and function outputs
  • Reset function for all CV-values
  • CV-reading
  • CV-writing
  • CV-writing bit-by-bit
  • Direct register programming (CV 1 - CV4)
  • POM - Programming-on-Main (Programming on main track)
  • Updateable

Dimensions: 55 x 32 x 20 mm