Massoth eMotion Electronic Fuse

Protect your investment with these electronic fuses.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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SKU: me8242070
Manufacturer part number: 8242070

Ever had a burnt locomotive? Short circuits on your layout? This can happen very quickly! Very often short circuits on garden railway layouts lead to drastic fault currents of serveral amps. When crossing switches (points), a short circuit occurs when the crossing track profile is touched. It becomes very dramatic when live frogs are used. Only a short moment is enough and the wiring of a two-engine locomotive burns! Such effects also occur with double headings (2 connected locomotives) and with connecting the sockets for car lightings. To ensure that your valuable locomotives are protected against damage caused by a short circuit burning the entire locomotive, the electronic fuse (8242070) is now available. If currents larger than 4 amperes occur, the current supply is interrupted automatically. A good insurance for every locomotive and certainly a worthwhile investment!