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Massoth eMotion XL Locomotive Decoder

Powerful 3 Amp driving decoder with 4 Amp maximum load capacity and 8 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with up to two motors.

Massoth eMotion XL-M1 Locomotive Decoder

Powerful 3 amp decoder with 8 function outputs, capable for two motor locomotives featuring the new LGB/Marklin Gauge 1 interface.

Massoth eMotion Powercap Micro

Goldcap buffer for small spaces.

Massoth eMotion Powercap Maxi

The new Powercap maxi replaces the former eMOTION Goldcap Buffer 8151501. The Powercap maxi supplies power to the digital decoder in case of track power interruptions. The maximum buffer time with 2 motors is up to 30 seconds. The size has been reduced by approximately 40%.

Massoth eMotion 8FL Function Decoder

Smallsized 8-channel function decoder to control light and other loads. Two RC servo controls are implemented.

Massoth eMotion 8FS Servo Decoder

Decoder designed to operate servos.

Massoth eMotion XXL II Locomotive Decoder

Powerful 8 Amps driving decoder with new function mapping. Maximum driving current 10Amps

Massoth eMotion L Locomotive Decoder

Universal 1,8Amps loco decoder (1 motor) with 8 function outputs for light control and other functions including a RC servo.