Decoder Accessories

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ESU Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers selected for use with ESU LokSound XL decoders.
From £8.95

Uncoupler Adapter Board

Connect the Massoth Automatic Uncoupler to your decoder with ease.
From £7.50

Massoth eMotion 6v Fixed Voltage Regulator

Smoothed 6 Volts controller for the operation of RC servos, smoke generators and lighting units.
£13.25 £10.00

Massoth eMotion 6v Fixed Voltage Regulator (2pack)

The completely new developed fixed voltage regulator provides stable 6V and 1.5 Amp output current (peak load 2A) for loads such as servos, smoke generators, lights, etc. Supply voltage: 5-24V AC/DC/DCC..

Massoth eMotion DCC Interface Cable (10-pole)

10way DCC connection cable

Massoth eMotion Electronic Fuse

Protect your investment with these electronic fuses.

Massoth eMotion Fire Box Light Module

Small fire box light module.

Massoth eMotion LGB® Interface Cable (6-pole)

6pin interface cable as required by some LGB® locomotives.