Decoder Accessories

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ESU Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers selected for use with ESU LokSound XL decoders.
From £8.95

Uncoupler Adapter Board

Connect the Massoth Automatic Uncoupler to your decoder with ease.
From £7.50

Massoth eMotion 6v Fixed Voltage Regulator

Smoothed 6 Volts controller for the operation of RC servos, smoke generators and lighting units.

Massoth eMotion DCC Interface Cable (10-pole)

10way DCC connection cable

Massoth eMotion DCC Onboard Adapter

To equip your LGB® Onboard-Locos with a free accessible DCC interface.

Massoth eMotion Electronic Fuse

Protect your investment with these electronic fuses.

Massoth eMotion Fire Box Light Module

Small fire box light module.

Massoth eMotion LGB® Interface Cable (6-pole)

6pin interface cable as required by some LGB® locomotives.